Dolce and Gabbana: The One

Product Information

Dolce and Gabbana: The One

Size: 50ml

Description: Some guys have all the fun. Not only are they successful, handsome and smart, they’re downright humorous as well, taking in stride everything with confidence exuding from their every pore. No wishy-washy colognes for them, no weird modernist alloys either, they just reaffirm their prowess with their great-smelling fragrance, classic but with a twist, to be taken along the ride for evenings and special occasions. Stefano Gabbana shaped the composition of The One for Men according to his personal taste: ‘I like spicy-oriental Notes and we’ve never done this type of fragrances, it’s a little warmer than our other men’s scents’, adding that The One is ‘not a banal classic, but a classic men’s fragrance that would last for years and be the type of scent that women adore’. We hereby admit it: we’re smitten!

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