Calvin Klein: Eternity for Women

Product Information

Calvin Klein: Eternity for Women

Size: 50ml

Description: Inspired by the ring of the Windsors which king Edward VIII had offered to Wallis Simpson, and which Calvin had later bought at an auction for his wife Kelly Proctor, it stands as a token of timeless promise of love. The characteristic peppery heart evoking carnations is dusted with powder (heliotrope, musk) and fresh notes (citrus, green, lily of the valley), making the fragrance fit for summer or winter, as long as you use it with restraint; it’s quite potent! Described by one admirer as the crisp scent of clean, luxurious high-thread sheets at a posh hotel, upon which oaths of eternal love were given, you know there’s much to discover yourself in this modern, romantic classic.

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