Christian Audigier: Ed Hardy

Product Information

Christian Audigier: Ed Hardy

Size: 50ml

Description: Just look at this kiddo! Isn’t it the hippest in town? The tattoo-embossed, street-smarts bottle of Ed Hardy hides more than hipness and contemporary ‘cool’ in its contents. A sparkling, juicy floral fruity fit for year-round wear springs forth with all the gusto of a reckless young woman who enjoys life to the hilt. Nectarous, fresh Notes of ruby red grapefruit, wild strawberry, mango and apple soufflĂ© merely introduce her playfulness. But the loving, fun personality fully unfolds as the heart and base Notes reveal their cozy warmth in spades. Wearing Ed Hardy for Women is probably the most fun we had in a while while playing with scents on our dresser collection!

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